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pilates in Paris home studio private ans small group classes

creating mindful movement 

´The mind when housed within a healthful body, posseses a glorious sense of power´.

Joseph Pilates 

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Pilates is the ultimate mind-body exercise. Originally designed over 80 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates, pilates is a full body workout based on 6 principles: concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision and flowing movement.


Pilates aims at correcting muscular imbalances, restoring the flexibility of your spine and strengthening your muscles while lengthening them. The pilates methodology focuses on length and flow rather than tension and contraction and is beneficial for any body type, any age.


Pilates Movement Paris (PMP) specialises in a personalised pilates experience both in-studio and online. Whether it is a small online group mat class or a private reformer pilates class, we have got you covered. At PMP it is all about tailoring the session to you, helping you to get in tune with your body thus, strengthen and progress much faster while maximising your workout time.

pilates reformer class in Paris private and small group classes


 Mat (Online)

Improve your core strength, muscular flexibility and spine health with a bodyweight workout with the assistance of small equipment. This class is ideal for beginners who will learn the fundamentals of pilates as well as more intermediate students who want to brush up their mechanics. 

Reformer (in-studio)

Utilise the resistance of springs to strengthen, mobilise, and challenge the body on a moving platform. Let's use the Jump board to boost the cardio-vascular system and increase endurance. This class is ideal for anyone who has done pilates in the past or has completed at least one private online mat class. 

 Tower (in-studio)
Mother & Baby (online) 

A tower class is guaranteed to leave you feeling taller and lighter. The tower is an apparatus that is attached to the reformer, but offers a more stable surface to work on. Tower classes are a bit more strength focused while still teaching the Pilates principles and offering a challenging but adaptable workout. 

A class for a mum and her little one! You can exercise while your baby is near you (suitable for mothers 2 months port-partum and beyond). We will work to release muscle tension and strengthen you from the inside out, focusing on abdominal, back as well as pelvic floor strength. 

Corporate Pilates 

Corporate pilates classes are a great way to de-stress, stretch out, tone and energise thus boosting employee wellbeing and productivity. Pilates can also help with back, neck and shoulder pain which have become so prevalent in our current day-to-day lives. 

'Your Space' Pilates

Pilates mat classes from the comfort of your own space. Whether it is your home or office we will come to you as well as bring all necessary small equipment and mats. Select from a one to one class or a group class with friends and/or family. 


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your online pilates classes during lockdown. Our weekly classes really helped me and my body to survive a hectic period. Thank you for your professionalism and natural way of instructing. I have always felt safe and well supported during class .” 


—  Ellen, Paris Area


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